How To Apply Eye Cream

Discover how and where to apply eye cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, decrease the appearance of puffiness and unlock flawless-looking under eyes.

Eye cream is an essential part of any skincare routine ! But if you want to keep youthful, gorgeous, glowing skin, then eye cream is one of the most important steps. It helps to keep your skin wrinkle-free, open up your eyes by reducing puffiness & help your makeup sit flawlessly instead of caking up.

Discover where to apply eye cream, whether to apply eye cream before or after moisturiser and serum, and how to get the most effective application.

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How To Apply Eye Cream

  1. A light-tone model massaging an eye cream on her under-eye area to decrease puffiness.

    Step 1: How & Where to Apply Eye Cream

    Always use your ring finger to apply your eye cream, as it has the lightest touch so not to irritate your delicate eye area.

    Where to put eye cream:

    Dot eye cream under the eyes, onto the eye lid, in the eye socket and along the top of your cheekbone.

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    Step 2: Gently Tap Out Eye Cream

    Gently tap in along your brow bone, too. Because of the delicate nature around your eyes, you shouldn’t apply directly on your eyelid or directly under your lower lash line, as it spreads when it warms up on your skin.

  3. A light-tone model with mature skin applying an eye cream to her under-eye area to decrease puffiness.

    Step 3: Depuff the look of the Eye Area

    Continue to tap in the product to decrease any puffiness and allow the cream to work into your skin. Your eye cream before and after will result in smoother-looking under eyes that appear firmer, brighter, and more hydrated.

How To Apply Eye Serum

Charlotte's Magic Eye Rescue eye cream pairs beautifully with Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum ! Both can be applied as a part of your depuff-effect eye care routine to help eyes to look smoother and brighter.

First, glide the contoured metal applicator of Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum along the eye area to provide a boost with cryotherapy-inspired ingredients and energising caffeine. Then, once your serum has absorbed into the skin, apply Magic Eye Rescue to further nourish the eye area.