Makeup Brush Buying Guide

Find out everything you need to know about the must-have tools you need In your beauty bag using Charlotte’s makeup brush buying guide.

With all of the different types and shapes of makeup brushes now available on the market, it can be daunting knowing where to start! Step in, Team Tilbury… discover this easy-to-understand makeup brush buying guide so you know exactly why and how different brushes are used to perfect your MAGICAL makeup looks!


4x3 Magic Foundation Brush

Hollywood Complexion brush packshot


A multi-tasking makeup brush is a must-have in every beauty-lovers makeup bag! Charlotte’s Hollywood Complexion Brush is a 2-in-1 dual ended makeup brush with a large flat-top head which is great for blending in foundation and liquid contour, and a smaller angled head for more precise contouring, sculpting and blending!

Perfect for: applying your favourite foundation, Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Concealer, Magic Vanish colour correctors and Magic Away concealer, and blending in Charlotte’s liquid contour and highlighting icons; Hollywood Contour Wand and Beauty Light Wands!


The Air Brush is Charlotte’s Kabuki-style retractable bronzer brush that’s been hand-crafted to glide over your skin for an airbrushed, sun-kissed, smooth-looking finish! Easy-to-use, retractable and portable, this gorgeous rose gold makeup brush is perfect for makeup magic in your beauty boudoir or on the go!

Perfect for: applying your favourite magic matte bronzer! The Air Brush was designed to make applying Airbrush Bronzer seamless, so everyone, everywhere can glide on the Hyaluronic Acid-infused, finely milled formula to create a flawless, smooth looking complexion and sun-kissed effect with ease!

4x3 The Air Brush packshot

bronzer brush packshot

Bronzer & Blusher Brush

For gorgeous, glowing skin, a large-headed bronzer brush is a must. The size of Charlotte’s Bronzer & Blusher Brush means that you can get a completely even application, which is crucial when creating that sun-kissed look!

This also doubles as the perfect blusher brush. The rounded head has lots of bristles to create a gorgeous flush of colour, with the option to POP colour on the apples of your cheeks.

Perfect for: applying your favourite Cheek to Chic powder blush for a gorgeous, glowing finish or Airbrush Bronzer for an all-over sun-kissed effect!

Powder & Sculpt Brush

You want your powder to be lightly applied only where you need to create a flawless-looking complexion. Light fibres and a sculpted end mean that your application will be precise and not end up leaving your skin appearing cakey and flat.

Perfect for: applying Airbrush Flawless Finish to your t-zone, nose and other oily areas for a dreamy, soft-focus finish and contouring and highlighting the look of your cheekbones with your Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette!

4x3 Powder & Sculpt Brush packshot

Beautiful Skin Brush packshot for blog

Beautiful Skin Bronzer Brush

To get an instant sun-kissed glow, use the Beautiful Skin Bronzer Brush to buff and blend your cream or powder bronzer in the skin. This bronzer brush has super-soft, synthetic bristles and a domed shape that fans effortlessly across the face and cheeks. It swirls effortlessly into bronzer and quickly builds up a sun-dipped complexion while diffusing harsh lines for an even, natural-looking bronzed look.

Perfect for: applying Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer to the face and body for an instant, beach-bronzed glow.

Shop Beautiful Skin Bronzer Brush


Eye Blender Brush packshot

Eyeshadow Blender Brush

A eyeshadow blender brush should be the essential brush in your makeup bag. Whether you want a light wash of colour or want an intense smokey eye, the Eye Blender Brush is your ultimate starting point for any makeup look! The soft bristles mean that you can soften your look and get a seamless application.

Perfect for: applying your favourite Luxury Palette eyeshadows to your eyelid and blending the edges for a seamless-looking, sultry finish!

Eye Liner Brush

Charlotte’s signature rose gold & night crimson Eye Liner Brush is perfect for all of your eyeliner needs! This ultra-fine brush eye makeup brush has been designed to be easy to use to create a precise, mesmerising eyeliner look for any occasion!

Perfect for: smudging your Rock N Kohl eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines for a smokey effect, or precisely applying a winged eyeliner look with your favourite eyeshadow! Spray the brush with Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray for a more intense colour pay-off!

4x3 The Eye Liner Brush packshot

Eye Smudger Brush packshot

Eyeshadow Smudger Brush

The Eyeshadow Smudger Brush is your go-to for effortless definition in targeted areas for a mesmerising eye look for any occasion! The small, packed bristles mean that it’s great for precise application!

Perfect for: highlighting the inner corner of your eyes with the shimmering PRIME eyeshadow from your favourite Luxury Palettes or getting close to your upper and lower lash line to create a defined, smokey looking finish!


Lip Brush

The square tip to a lip brush means you can get a precise finish to your makeup, perfectly angled for emphasising your Cupid’s bow, or you can even use it to soften lip liner and blend into your lip for a just-bitten pout.

Perfect for: applying your favourite K.I.S.S.I.N.G. or Matte Revolution lipstick for defined, luscious looking lips!

4x3 The Lip Brush packshot


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